Episode 58: Exit The Matrix – Wake Up to the Truth

In this episode, Host Renata Maniaci discusses the importance of neutrality, shares a special message about the children of the world and ending

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Episode 57: Assistance in New Earth Living with Queen D. Michele

Season 5 of this podcast is all about The Great Awakening, and there are MANY out there who feel they have come to the planet at this time

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Episode 56: Waking Up to Your Dreams with Pamela Cummings

Dreams – we all have them! In these interesting times, how can our dreams help us to move forward? Our guest today helps us examine these

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Episode 55: Awakening to 5D with TJ Ryan

In this high vibe episode of Let’s Get Metaphysical, Host Renata Maniaci and Guest TJ Ryan discuss The Great Awakening, the 5th Dimension, ETs,

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Episode 54: Rerouting the Way to Resiliency with Duncan Kirkwood

In this season we are focusing on The Great Awakening currently happening right now on planet Earth. So far this season I have created episodes based

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Episode 53: In the Chrysalis – Managing Transformational Crisis

In this long-awaited episode, Host Renata gives a mini-course on ‘Recognizing & Rolling with Transformational Crisis’ also known as

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