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Episode 58: Exit The Matrix – Wake Up to the Truth

July 24, 2020

In this episode, Host Renata Maniaci discusses the importance of neutrality, shares a special message about the children of the world and ending child trafficking, and introduces the new course they are co-leading along with Julia Malone called Exit The Matrix: Deprogram Your Mind, Become A Truth Magnet. Exit the Matrix is a 3-week course that takes a deep dive into removing harmful conditioning, subliminal messaging, and old programs all while clearing the path to Truth for the participant. To learn more, check out . For more support in your awakening process, check out patreon.com/upupandawaken

Renata Maniaci

Producer, Show Host

In 2020, Ren founded Up Up & Awaken Productions which creates transformational content designed to assist humanity through the awakening process.

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