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How to Decode 2020 with Master Numerologist Darlene Chadbourne

September 6, 2020

Master Numerologist Darlene Chadbourne talks 2020 numbers with Host Renata Maniaci. This episode covers: -Darlene’s take on The Great Awakening -What the numbers say about 2020 and beyond -The balancing of the masculine and feminine energies on planet Earth -“Freedom Through Numbers by Finding Your I AM” Bonus content discusses the importance of the episode number (61), and more numeric treats. It can be found by becoming a member of the Up Up & Awaken Community at patreon.com/upupandawaken

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Renata Maniaci

Producer, Show Host

In 2020, Ren founded Up Up & Awaken Productions which creates transformational content designed to assist humanity through the awakening process.

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