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Daniel Singing Past Life Lover

A beautiful original song Daniel sings about meeting a past life love and what it would take to have the memories of the lives shared together.
Please go to link in bio to hear the podcast interview with Daniel who is a QHHT Practitioner. Who guided people to find past lovers and more. Have you ever had a very special first kiss or meeting with someone who may feel like you have know them for a long time?

Check you to hear Daniels interview where he talks about past life regression with Renata Maniaci.


When I walked through the doorway
Your smile lit up the room
I could tell you saw me
Some would call it deja vu

As I walked up to meet you
Your eyes conveyed a sound “Do you feel like a lost love –
On the edge of being found?” Then with a smile you said, “Will a kiss remind you of the day when I was your first love?
It was another time, another place, what can I say?
I know I’ve loved you and I know you know you’ve loved me too
Will a kiss remind you of the day when I was your first love?” As you leaned in the first time
I felt the stars align
I had waited lifetimes
To kiss you in the perfect light…

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