SEASON 4 (2020)

Episode 43: Miracles with Pets & the Master Healing Angels

Guests: Cathy, Sally, Merrill, Elisabeth, Sara, Liz, Nikki

CMA's Website:

Episode 42: Celebrating Mental Health Miracles with the Master Angels

Guests: Erlinda, Tim, Barb, Kabir, Allie, Karen

CMA's Website:

Episode 41: Medical Miracles with Dr. Richard Sarnat

Guest: Dr. Richard Sarnat

CMA's Website:

Episode 40: Healing Chronic Lyme and More with The Master Angels

With Guests Nancy, McKayla, Uche, Ayda, and Jon

CMA's Website:

Episode 39: The Time for Miracles is Now! w/ Dr. Christopher Hartnett

With Guest Dr. Christopher Hartnett

CMA's Website:

Episode 38: Let's Get Miraculous!

With Guests Melanie, Tracy, Julia, and Jan

CMA's Website:

Episode 37: Miracles with the Master Healing Angels

With Host Renata Maniaci

Renata's Website:

SEASON 3 (2019)

Episode 36: How to Connect with Your Highest Guidance

With Host Renata Maniaci

Renata's Website:

Episode 35: Human Life Lessons with Deepak Ramola

With Guest Deepak Ramola, Founder of Project FUEL

Deepak's Website:

Episode 34: Star Children with Leila Briggs

With Guest Leila Briggs

Leila's Email:

Episode 33: Numerology with Darlene Chadbourne

With Guest Master Numerologist Darlene Chadbourne

Levi's Website:

Episode 32: Magical Moldavite with Levi Reynolds

With Guest Levi 'The Moldavite Guy' Reynolds

Levi's Website:

Episode 31: How to Raise Your Vibration

With Host Renata Maniaci

Renata's Website:

Episode 30: Spiritual Protections & Boundaries with Jerry Becker

Guest: Jerry Becker

Jerry's Website:

Episode 29: Exploring The Dark with Jerry Becker

Guest: Jerry Becker

Jerry's Website:

Episode 28: Addicted to Awakening with Julia Malone

Guest: Julia Malone

Julia's Website:

Episode 27: Visionary Healing Art with Barbara Evans

Guest: Barbara Evans

Barbara's Website:

Episode 26: UFOs, Aliens, & Abductions

Story Contributors: Victory, Oops, Outlander, Jim

Episode 25: Crystals, Stones, & Healing Rocks with Dr. Connie Hambrock

Guest: Dr. Connie Hambrock

Connie's Website:

SEASON 2 (2019)

Episode 24: Solstices, Equinoxes, & Moons

Episode 23: Angels, Guides, & Ghosts with Donna Adams

Episode 22: New Earth Education with Rebecca Adams

Episode 21: The Metaphysics

Of Travel

Episode 20: The Metaphysics

Of Dreaming

Episode 19: You Get Meta!

Episode 18: The 4 Practices & The Mosaic with Daniel Levin

Guest: Daniel Levin

Daniel's Website:

Episode 17: Distant Healing

with Cherry-Lee Ward

Guest: Cherry-Lee Ward

Cherry-Lee's Website:

Episode 16: The Emotion Code

with Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el

Guest: Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el

Emmanuel's Website:

Episode 15: Healing Through Sound

with Bob Holbrook

Guest: Bob Holbrook

The Monroe Institute website:

Episode 14: Meditation

with La Sarmiento

Guest: La Sarmiento

La's website:

Episode 13: Misuse Of Metaphysical Power

Guest: Julia Malone, Zoë Ravenwood, Josie Ravenwing (written statement, read by Renata)

SEASON 1 (2018)

Episode 12: Spiritual Response Therapy with Katherine Krupka

Guest: Katherine Krupka,

Spiritual Response Therapy practitioner

Katherine's Website:

Episode 11: Animal Spirit Talkers

with Lynn Schuster 

Guests: Lynn Schuster. Animal Spirit Talker &

Reiki Master/Teacher

Lynn's Website: Lynn Schuster, Animal Spirit Talker


Guests: Campers and camp staff! 

Episode 9: Hypnotherapy

with Courtney Starkey

Guest: Courtney Starkey, Hypnotherapist

Courtney's website: Pay It Forward Hypnosis

Episode 8: Shamanism

with Richael Faithful

Guest: Richael Faithful, Healer and Activist

Richael's website:

Episode 7: Astrology

with Silver Wainhouse

Guest: Silver Wainhouse, Astrologer and Spiritual Business Alchemist

Contact Silver here

Episode 6: Cellular Transformation

with Jennifer Millar

Guest: Jennifer Millar, Cellular Transformation teacher and practitioner

Jennifer's website:

Episode 5: Psychic Mediums

with Debra Diamond

Guest: Debra Diamond, Psychic Medium & Author

Debra's website: DebraDiamondPsychic

Get Debra's book 'Life After Near Death'

Episode 4: Iboga Plant Medicine

with Julia Malone

Guest: Julia Malone, Iboga Plant Medicine Provider

Information on Julia and Iboga Retreats: IbogaLove 

Email Julia

Episode 3: Healing Touch

with Cynthia Hutchison

Guest: Cynthia Hutchison, Educational Program Director

of the Healing Touch Program

Cynthia & her practice: Boulder Healing Touch

Healing Touch: Healing Touch Program​

Episode 2: John Of God

(Part 2 of 2)

Guests: Grainne McEntee, Heather Cumming,

and Josie RavenWing

John Of God & The Casa: John Of God

Information on Heather Cumming: Heather Cumming

Information on Josie RavenWing: Healing Journeys

Episode 1: John Of God

(Part 1 of 2)

Guests: Grainne McEntee, Heather Cumming,

and Josie RavenWing

John Of God & The Casa: John Of God

Information on Heather Cumming: Heather Cumming

Information on Josie RavenWing: Healing Journeys

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