Episode 30: Spiritual Protections & Boundaries with Jerry Becker

In this episode Let’s Get Meta Host Renata Maniaci welcomes Jerry Becker back to the show for a discussion about how to keep clear and safe

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Episode 29: Exploring the Dark with Jerry Becker

In honor of Samhain/Halloween month, this episode discusses the Dark, the Shadow, and the External Pernicious Influences that can, and do, affect our

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Episode 28: Addicted to Awakening with Julia Malone

In this episode, show host Renata Maniaci and guest Julia Malone discuss the addictive process of Awakening to Universal Truth beyond the tangible

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Episode 27: Visionary Healing Art with Barbara Evans

In this episode, Let’s Get Meta host Renata Maniaci interviews Barbara Evans, a High Vibrational Healing Artist and Cosmic Alchemist. Did you

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Episode 26: UFOs, Aliens, & Abductions

In this episode, Let’s Get Meta host Renata Maniaci shares several true stories of encounters with UFOs. Ren also leads a discussion about why

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Episode 25: Crystals, Stones, & Healing Rocks with Dr. Connie Hambrock

Welcome to Season 3 of Let’s Get Meta! On today’s episode we discuss crystals, stones, and rocks – oh my! Ren interviews Dr. Connie

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