Episode 36: How to Connect with Your Highest Guidance

In this episode, show host Renata Maniaci takes the lead in giving a mini-course on ‘How to Connect with Your Highest Guidance’ and your

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Episode 35: Human Life Lessons with Deepak Ramola

Deepak Ramola is a two time TED Talk speaker, a UN Young Leader, and Founder of project FUEL. He has taught over 400,000 people through his programs,

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Episode 34: Star Children with Leila Briggs

People with supernatural and intuitive abilities have always been a topic of fascination. In this episode, host Renata Maniaci discusses “Star

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Episode 33: Numerology with Darlene Chadbourne

Episode 33 explores the magic of numbers with Master Numerologist Darlene Chadbourne. Darlene and Host Renata Maniaci discuss the ‘whats’

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Episode 32: Magical Moldavite with Levi Reynolds

There are several tools a seeker could use to advance their spiritual development. For many, moldavite is an excellent place to start. In this

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Episode 31: How to Raise Your Vibration

In this episode, Let’s Get Meta host Renata Maniaci offers a discussion of how to raise your vibration. Everyone and everything has a vibration

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