Episode 42: Celebrating Mental Health Miracles with the Master Angels

The Season of Miracles continues with episode 42! Host Renata Maniaci interviews several people about their miraculous angelic healing from mental

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Episode 41: Medical Miracles with Dr. Richard Sarnat

Science meets spirituality in a big way in this eye-opening interview with Richard Sarnat, MD. A broad certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Sarnat now

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Episode 40: Healing Chronic Lyme & More with The Master Angels

In today’s episode we share another healing miracle about Lyme disease, as well as a few other miracles with chronic fatigue, staph infection,

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Episode 39: The Time for Miracles is Now! with Dr. Christopher Hartnett

In this episode Host Renata Maniaci interviews Dr. Christopher Hartnett. Dr. Hartnett is a Harvard business school grad, founder of several

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Episode 38: Let’s Get Miraculous!

In this episode of Let’s Get Meta, you will hear several true physical healing miracles attributed to Master John Douglas and the Master

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Episode 37: Miracles with the Master Healing Angels

Welcome to Season 4 of Let’s Get Metaphysical, our Season of Miracles! This entire season is devoted to one topic – the miracles being

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