Episode 53: In the Chrysalis – Managing Transformational Crisis

In this long-awaited episode, Host Renata gives a mini-course on ‘Recognizing & Rolling with Transformational Crisis’ also known as

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Episode 52: Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Do you want the Truth? Are you sure you can handle it? In Episode 52: Red Pill or Blue Pill?, host Renata Maniaci discusses the current Great

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Episode 51: Recognizing Ascension Symptoms

This is Season 5: The Great Awakening – all about the current awakening process happening on this planet. In this episode, Host Renata Maniaci

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Episode 50: How to Stay Positive in Transformative Times

In Let’s Get Meta’s 50th episode, Host Renata Maniaci discusses positivity and how to maintain it during these massively transformational

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Episode 49: Remembering Who You Are in The Great Awakening

This is Season 5: The Great Awakening! All season – and it might be a longer season than usual – Host Renata Maniaci and guests will be

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Episode 48: Becoming Your Own Miracle Worker

In the final episode of the Season of Miracles, we hear how it is possible to become your own miracle worker! Master John Douglas teaches others, so

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